Noor | Electro is the newest incarnation of Moscow's finest cocktail-serving establishment.


Situated in stylish uptown neighbourhood just a short walk from the Red Square, it is your friendly elaborate next-door bar, but with a touch of Russia's ethereal chic.


Mixology is taken very seriously here, with all the ingredients as natural as they get, and liquor flowing down like water. Service is attentive yet subtle, tuned to make you feel at home away from home.


If one was to describe Noor Bar in three words, they would be as follows: respectable, authentic, classy.


The Theatre

Reborn in late 2015 as Noor | Electro, the bar shares its building with modernistic Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. The theatrical status implies pre- and post-performance hospitality with an occasional black-tie event forcing restricted admission.


Oh, and prominent Muscovites frequent the place, so while at Noor don't be surprised to meet Theodoros Terzopoulos

Timur Bekmambetov, Boris Yukhananov, Alexander Terekhov, Chulpan Khamatova, Teodor Currentzis, Andrey Zvyagintsev, Romeo Castellucci or others who have made a name for themselves in performing arts and cinema.

The People


Co-Owner, managing interior designer and architect at Noor Architects group Sergey Pokrovskiy. Along with partner (and a fellow architect as well) Mikhail Belyakov, Pokrovskiy is the person behind Noor's impeccable decor as well as the choice of tableware and crockery. His motto – “If you have to drink, might as well do it from proper rhinestone glass”. 


Bar's art-gallery overseer Yuri Kozyrev. A household name in photojournalism, with six World Press Photo Awards, OPC Oliver Rebbot Award, ICP Infinity Award, Frontline Club Award, Visa d'or News, Prix Bayeux-Calvados and a dozen of other prestigious awards under his belt. One of the founding fathers of the Dutch Noor Images agency Kozyrev meticulously selects what images will be seen on the walls of the bar. And is not shy to display his own works from time to time.


Musical director Andrei Antonets a.k.a OID – internationally recognised electronic musician, half of the Alexandroid IDM duo. A Radio France Music Award winner (chosen for it by none other than the legendary Laurent Garnier!) OID if need be can get behind the decks and himself put some groovy beats together. However, his main role at the bar is setting the stage for world-class artists' performances. Thanks to him Noor had the pleasure of being entertained by the likes of Asia Argento, Adamsky, Nôze, Jay-Jay Johanson, Nina Kraviz, Garbage, Jake The Rapper and Peter Schumann.


Barman-In-Chief Marat Saddarov. Easily Moscow's #1, he started out when there were basically no bartenders in the country and has stayed in business for almost 30 years now. At the moment he has more of managerial role, but behind the stick Marat still has no weaknesses, with an uncanny ability to surprise time and again with both cocktails and stories. A 'Bartender Brothers' member, Saddarov is also well-respected among his peers around the world. It is through him that many of the world's greatest mixologists have guest bartended at Noor: Julio Bermejo, Salvatore Calabrese, Petor Dorelli, Manuel Terron, Rob Rademaker, David Cordoba, Jorg Meyer,  Henry Besant, Charles Vexenat, Philip Duff, Hidetsugu Ueno, Tony Conigliaro, Stanislav Vaderna,  Dan Warner, Steve Schneider-Hadzismajlovic, Oisin Davis, Daniela Dalla Pola, Chris Hannah, Richard D. James, Kadir van Lohuizen, Pep Bonet, Stanley Green to name a few.


The Acclaim

"Lonely Planet"

There is little to say about this misleadingly unassuming bar, apart from the fact that everything in it is close to perfection. It has it all – prime location, convivial atmosphere, eclectic DJ music, friendly bartenders and superb drinks. Though declared 'the best' by various magazines on several occasions, it doesn't feel like they care.


"Time Out"

Award "Menu & Bill" 2010, The Best Cocktail Bar.

Noor Bar was made by people who have a talent to live. The interior is simple, yet curious – yellow walls, turquoise ceiling and an experienced team of DJs create an atmosphere. Every cocktail here is a trend of its own, which often implies a fanatically deep study of old recipes and an unbiased gaze into the annals of cocktail culture.


"The Vunderlast"

Noor Bar has reopened bigger and better following a renovation and is once again shines as a beacon of great cocktails and fun until dawn. The establishment's beloved neighbour – the Stanislavsky Theatre – has added 'Electro' to its name, and the bar has followed suit. The space has doubled, and that's a real improvement, as on weekend the crowds were too big. The interior hasn't changed much, gaining a turquoise ceiling and a bathtub filled with ice – a number of boiling guests had to be fished out. Yes, the place is still filled with creative public and businessmen, everyone knows each other, with little or no strangers.



"Best of Moscow" Award: 2012, 2013, 2014.

One of the best bars in Moscow, named after either the Noor Images photo agency, or a pomegranate – noor means pomegranate in Armenian, and a pomegranate tini has been in the menu for years now. Noor has never pretended to be of more upscale than it is. One has two reasons to come here: either to have a couple of stylish drinks or to get plastered into wild bananas. The bartenders here are not reinventing the wheel, they're simply doing an honest job of making timeless cocktail classics, never holding back a drop. Besides, they've got marvellous sides, meant as a bite after, not dinner.



Noor was set up by former owners of the famous Bar 30/7. The cocktail card travelled three blocks up from Petrovsky boulevard to Tverskaya, and just like the old place, the new one features the prominent Moscow bartender Marat Saddarov, who is a show by himself.